Welcome to Indoor Golf Simulators!

Indoor Golf Simulator's systems are very popular throughout Europe and Asia, and are now available in North America.

We strive to develop new features and integrate technology enhancements to the golf simulation experience. As an Indoor Golf Simulator client, you receive regular software updates that can be downloaded online free of charge, so that you always have the latest software!

With 140 championship courses now available, and many more in development, Indoor Golf Simulator developed one of the most comprehensive course libraries in the industry. Several championship courses are featured on the US PGA and European Tours.

We use two high-speed cameras that operate simultaneously and produce an incredibly accurate three-dimensional ball flight model. Playing and practicing golf on an Indoor Golf Simulator System is fun, and it allows you to compete and improve your game all year long.

These simulators are highly flexible, affordable and adapt to a number of environments. You can choose to purchase complete indoor golf simulation systems, or they can purchase specific Sports Coach simulator system components from our dealer network!